Sunrise Gems: Bobolink & Killdeer

Sunrise is early around the summer equinox. If one wishes “golden hour” photographs, it is necessary to head out to one’s desired location well before 5 am in order to be ready when the sun pops up over the horizon a bit later. Losing sleep is worthwhile. Here are efforts from yesterday and today. The Bobolink was photographed in the Sax-Zim Bog, while the Killdeer were intent on mating along the Duluth waterfront. I was actually surprised that the killdeer were still mating; I was actually out looking for their chicks. I actually missed the mating shot because it happened so quickly, and into the sun.

New Fence Posts for a Bobolink


Killdeer looking for a good mate …
Y2-M07-Killdeer-3-Reflection-Singing Y2-M07-Killdeer-4-Standing-Singing Y2-M07-Killdeer-2-Reflection Y2-M07-Killdeer-1-Sitting

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