Belted Kingfisher Preening Time

It is vitally important for all birds to take care of their feathers. Most birds have a preen or oil glad. They rub their bills over the gland; pick up some oil and then rub the oil over their feathers.

This morning I had the privilege of watching a belted kingfisher preen itself. Given how skittish these birds are, I was happy to just have a seat near by, but then the kingfisher put on a show for me!

Announcing Belted Kingfisher Preening Time!


Y2-M07-Kingfisher-03-Preen-Right-Wing Y2-M07-Kingfisher-02-Preen-Left-Wing




Mouthing Off!
Y2-M07-Kingfisher-05-Preen-Mouthing-Off-A Y2-M07-Kingfisher-05-Preen-Mouthing-Off-B

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