Backyard Birding

We birders / photographers often make the mistake of travelling miles to find and take pictures of birds. We need to remember that our own back yards are often a great spot to spend time. The last two evenings at golden hour I have sat outside, hiding myself in the tall grass. Thus, it was possible to insure I was birding when the light was perfect. My local birds did not disappoint!

First the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird photograph which I have been trying to get for weeks:


In the second instance I watched a house wren learning to hunt. Perhaps the conversation went something like this:

Immature House Wren learning to hunt bugs:

1. Find dead birch tree
2. Put head in hole to look for bugs
3. Flash one wing to scare bugs
4. Eat supper.

Mom, is that right?!

Answer: No … first flash both wings … then find scared bugs in hole.
Y2-M08-House-Wren-2 Y2-M08-House-Wren-1 Y2-M08-House-Wren-3

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