Invasion from Up North: Lesser Yellowlegs & Wilson’s Phalaropes

The shore bird invasion of Duluth from northern Canada and the Arctic continues. Last weekend’s rains have made for one HUGE puddle / pond at the end of Park Point (Minnesota Point) on the playing fields. The shore birds have been enjoying a bonanza of easy food … drowned bugs and grubs. For the past two days I have been visiting this location at last light and dawn. The birds have not disappointed me!

Lesser Yellowlegs
Y2-M08-Park-Point-Evening-Light-Lesser-Yellowlegs-3-Food-Fight Y2-M08-Park-Point-Evening-Light-Lesser-Yellowlegs-1 Y2-M08-Park-Point-Evening-Light-Lesser-Yellowlegs-2


Wilson’s Phalarope
Y2-M08-Park-Point-AM-Wilsons-Phalarope-Yellowleg-2 Y2-M08-Park-Point-AM-Wilsons-Phalarope-Reflection Y2-M08-Park-Point-AM-Wilsons-Phalarope-Meeting


Semipalmated Plover


Least Sandpiper

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