Stars Align: Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

The stars aligned in suburban Minneapolis yesterday evening. I watched, photographed, and videoed a lifer, a Yellow-Crowned Night Heron. Normally this beautiful bird hangs out in the southeastern part of the United States, and normally you would find me in the forests of northern Minnesota, but last night while working my way south to my son’s wedding in Iowa, I was lucky! HUGE thanks are owed to Laura S. who allowed me to bird in her back yard.

Hope you enjoy the image, and video. Make certain to watch the video in HD. Given it was after sunset when I ended up only 10 yards from the bird, viewing in high resolution helps!

If you’re new to my blog, you might also enjoy a 36 second time lapse video I took of the Northern Lights about three weeks ago. It was a special night on a remote Lake in northern Minnesota. Link to my Aurora Borealis video.


Yellow-Crowned Night Heron


Bird Nerds Watching the Yellow-Crowned Night Heron
(I’m the guy in blue up against the tree)

3 thoughts on “Stars Align: Yellow-Crowned Night Heron

  1. It was fun to see everybody last night. I was especially happy for the woman who had come 2 days earlier, spent 9 hours in my yard (driving for an hour each way to do so), and did NOT see the bird….she came back last night and got to see it. Great blog post.

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