30 Superior Nights!

Would anyone like to participate in a project I have planned for September named “30 Superior Nights”?

For this project I have created a Flickr group named 30 Superior Nights. Posting to that group requires an image include water in the Lake Superior Region (lake, pond, river, stream or creek) and be taken at night during September 2015. Night is defined as the sun being below the horizon. My personal goal is to improve my own night photography.

While my personal plan is to try and take at least one photograph every night, individuals participating in this project need not take a photo every night. Posting a photo just a few times during September is perfectly acceptable, but each image must conform to the project rules.

Group rules allow for the posting of two images daily. Thus, if you are away from your computer but with camera in tow for a few days, it is possible to catch up.

Here is an image I took yesterday morning around 4:30 am when a thunderstorm rolled through the Duluth area.Night-Storm-3


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