Dive, Captain, Dive!

The migration is now in full force along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Whether a duck or a hawk, diving for food is a common task! These sequence of photos show both a Redhead and American Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk) in the act of diving.

Redhead Diving
Y2-M09-Redhead-2-Swimming Y2-M09-Redhead-3-Diving Y2-M09-Redhead-4-Diving


Sparrow Hawk Diving
Y2-M09-Sparrow-Hawk-1 Y2-M09-Sparrow-Hawk-2 Y2-M09-Sparrow-Hawk-3 Y2-M09-Sparrow-Hawk-4


Sparrow Hawk Preening Poses
Y2-M09-Sparrow-Hawk-7 Y2-M09-Sparrow-Hawk-6

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