The Beginning Bird

A few years back I decided to learn more about my camera by taking a community education class. I wanted to “get off auto”, and learn my “apertures” from my “f stops”. Eventually I figured out they were one in the same!

Like many things in life, there is often a #1 … in my case a bird photograph. Surprisingly it was not from¬†northern Minnesota, but two feathered friends I found atop a mountain in the Canadian Rockies, Clarks Nutcrackers. The location was a summit near Lake Louise when there two birds decided to pay me a visit. Thankfully, I had my camera with me and shall we say the “rest is history”!

If you’re a birder and/or photographer what started you down this path? I had always loved birds when a child, but my nutcrackers took me to a new level. I’ve also included my latest photograph of some snow buntings taken while on yesterday morning’s bike ride. Thus, the first and the latest photos in my hobby / obsession.

Clarks Nutcrackers


Snow Buntings

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