Morning Reflections … Duck Days!

Yesterday morning I realized after my trip north from Duluth the prior morning that the final duck migration had to be starting now! North of Isabella all the ponds were iced over, and the lakes were rapidly losing their open water to ice. Frozen water meant all remaining ducks had to push south. Thus, at sunrise I drove down to Minnesota Point and the Duluth harbor did not disappoint. All my favorite ducks were present, with the first HUGE movement of goldeneyes into our area. Here are a few sunrise photo reflections.



Y2-M11-Morning-Reflections-Goldeneyes-High-Bridge Y2-M11-Morning-Reflections-Goldeneye-Trio


Hooded Mergansers!


Redheads (Dive, Captain, Dive!)
Y2-M11-Morning-Reflections-RedHead-Swimming Y2-M11-Morning-Reflections-RedHead-Diving

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