Red Birds at Dawn!

Red was definitely the color of the morning! Arriving at French Park in suburban Minneapolis this morning I was surprised and pleased to find hundreds and hundreds of birds. I think the cold weather up north where I live near Lake Superior had chased the birds south.

I found flocks of robins, juncos, cardinals and red-bellied woodpeckers feeding in the ash trees, and off shore on Medicine Lake the there were flocks of goldeneyes, bufflehead ducks, migrating gulls as well as the usual mallards and geese. In short it was a birders paradise! For this northern Minnesota boy, it was a treat to have a flock of cardinals often within 10 feet of my car / blind!

The ducks, geese and gulls did not take kindly to the bald eagle which kept cruising the shoreline at an altitude of 60 feet, whereas inland the small mammals needed to be on the lookout for the red-tailed hawk which was hunting the lagoon area.

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Flock of Cardinals
Y2-M11-Cardinal-Flock-1 Y2-M11-Cardinal-Flock-2 Y2-M11-Cardinal-Flock-3


Red-Bellied Woodpecker

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