Minnesota Bird News App

I’ve been geeking out early on this Thanksgiving morning. For the past few months I’ve thought … wouldn’t it be neat if there was a “free” Minnesota bird news reading app installable to both the Apple and Android environments. Thus, at 5 am this morning I started my research, and three hours later I have a beta app ready for testing. For you non software nerds, beta means bugs are expected to be present, but the initial installs on both my tablet and smartphones have gone smoothly.

Interested in being a tester? Send me an email at RichardHoeg@gmail.com.

A screenshot from my Google Nexus 10 tablet taken a few moments ago is shown at the bottom of this post. I only have two sources right now, my own blog and Dan Tallman’s Bird Blog. Ultimately I would add all sites listed via my Minnesota Bird Search web page assuming each of those sites have a properly working RSS feed (learn more about RSS via Wikipedia). When identified, I would certainly want to add additional bird blogs, both those with a Minnesota birding focus and selected high quality national blogs.

For the moment, and the foreseeable future one must install the app manually. I would send a download link and install instructions. Using Google Play and iTunes would be a nice future option, but that would require me to pay hard cash to market the app. I am willing to invest my time, but not moola at this time!  Hope you understand.  🙂

Minnesota Birding App Android Table Screenshot

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