December Minnesota Birding News

Two important items with respect to December birding news:

  • As of yesterday the Sax-Zim Bog Visitor Center opened for another season of winter birding. I’ll be working next weekend, December 19th and 20th as a volunteer naturalist. Hope to see you in the Bog!
  • Help out with this year’s Minnesota Christmas Bird Count. Openings across the state!

Finally, my Snowy Owl which I discovered on Friday, was banded sometime in the past two days. Found the same bird on the same exact roost, but now with a huge wing band and shoe polish on its head. Why? There must be better ways to band which do not disfigure the bird.

Sunday … Snowy Owl with wing band and shoe polish on head


Friday … Snowy Owl w/o band or head polish


3 thoughts on “December Minnesota Birding News

    1. An obscenity induced by pseudo science,Im glad kept my own sightings secret when Ivisited the Bog if this is what US birders are capable of. Regards TM Uk

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