Ski Birding … Back in Business!

Over 1/2 foot of snow today! Still coming down. Set tracks up at my public bird feeders off Old Vermilion Trail (access map and ski trail data). I would have taken photographs, but a country work crew arrived as I was completing my ski. Good news! They are putting boulders at the entrance to my trails. Thus, no snowmobiles! They were happy to finally meet me … I am known as “squirrel man” because of my feeders. They also enjoy the birds!

On another note, try following Project Snowstorm this winter. It is a great organization which tracks Snowy Owls through a banding and radio transmitter system. Worth reading their latest blog post. The Snowy Owl apparently flew right over Duluth on the way from its summer range to wintering in central Wisconsin. Wonder if it is a snowy I saw a few weeks ago, and then could not relocated? Here is the map showing the route the Snowy Owl took.

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