Weekend Naturalist at the Sax-Zim Bog Visitor Center

I know everyone comes to the Sax-Zim Bog in hopes of seeing the ghost of the bog, the Great Gray Owl, and lots of owls were seen this weekend by visitors to the Bog, there are lots of other great winter birds which make birding the bog a delightful winter pastime. In was fun meeting everyone and trading birding tips and information during my weekend gig staffing the Sax-Zim Bog Visitor Center as a volunteer naturalist.  While I did not have the time I might have liked to look for owls, and other birds which would have required time away from the Center, during my commute from home, and at the center I found these birds! Enjoy winter … visit the Bog!

Turkey Time for Christmas (wild turkey flock at the corner of Overton and Arkola Rd)
Y2-M12-Sax-Zim-Wild-Turkey-Flock-1 Y2-M12-Sax-Zim-Wild-Turkey-Flock-2


Seen at the Visitor Center (Pine Grosbeaks, Redpoll, Grey Jay)
Y2-M12-Sax-Zim-Pine-Grosbeaks-2 Y2-M12-Sax-Zim-Pine-Grosbeaks-1 Y2-M12-Sax-Zim-Pine-Grosbeaks-3-Snow-Beak Y2-M12-Sax-Zim-Red-Poll Y2-M12-Sax-Zim-Gray-Jay

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