Crab Apple Rock Candy at -15F!

What could be better to eat than Crab Apple Rock Candy at -15F? If you are a Pine Grosbeak, or a Bohemian Waxwing, the answer to the question is “nothing”! However, since I could not find the waxwings this morning, and the pine grosbeaks made themselves available in the early morning light, they became the subject of today’s photoshoot. The images were taken early this morning while the rest of the American Birding World was down at Canal Park chasing the Ivory Gull. Location is the Riley Road Crap Apple trees in rural Duluth.

I do NOT want my picture taken! Backside!


See … your caught me with my mouth full!


Breakfast for Pine Grosbeaks
Y3-M01Crab-Apple-Rock-Candy-Pine-Grosbeaks-5 Y3-M01Crab-Apple-Rock-Candy-Pine-Grosbeaks-4


Where’s Waldo? (try to count the Pine Grosbeaks in the photo!)

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