Dumb Luck Birding: Ivory Gull

As many of you know, an Ivory Gull has been hanging around Duluth, Minnesota for two weeks. On the second day it was present, I was privileged to view and photograph the bird including some neat flight images.

I had a few minutes before a business meeting this morning and I decided to stop by Canal Park. Not a single bird was in sight when I arrived. Suddenly I spied motion directly above my head. At that point, the rarest bird in the lower 48 lands ten feet away from me and proceeds to walk even closer. Apparently I was standing next to an offering of fish which I had not noticed, but the Ivory Gull knew the fish was on the pier.

Sometimes it just pays to be lucky! LOL!


Ivory Gull Photographs
Y3-M01-Ivory-Gull-11 Y3-M01-Ivory-Gull-12 Y3-M01-Ivory-Gull-10

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