Drowsy in Duluth: Snowy Owl

Two years ago I started this blog on my wife’s birthday. My initial post for this blog was about a Snowy Owl which was hanging out near our Duluth home. In the intervening two years, while somethings change and my dear wife is two years older, we still are enjoying Snowy Owls near our home!

Had fun, if you can call watching a Snowy Owl sleep for 30 minutes with occasional bursts of wakefulness, watching Drowsy in Duluth this afternoon. Happy Birthday, Molly (read her blog).

Y3-M01-Sleepy-Snowy-Owl-1b Y3-M01-Sleepy-Snowy-Owl-2 Y3-M01-Sleepy-Snowy-Owl-3 Y3-M01-Sleepy-Snowy-Owl-4

2 thoughts on “Drowsy in Duluth: Snowy Owl

  1. You live in a beautiful area with such diversity in birds. Enjoy the splendid beauty of nature. Glad to have found your blog.

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