-15F Delays Breakfast! (-26C)

The last few mornings it has been a bit cold … -15F (-26C). I’ve noticed in addition to puffing up their feathers against the severe temperatures, the birds are delaying their breakfast on these cold mornings by almost one hour! Sunrise locally is approximately 7:20 am. On warmer days birds visit my feeders by sunrise. Over the past few days, they wait till almost 8:30 am before feeding for the first time. I’ve also been surprised to see some slate colored juncos. They should have remained south. Two juncos and a few pine siskins have joined the 40+ common redpolls which visit my feeders in mass.

I understand! I’ve been delaying my cross-country ski workout till about noon when the temperature still struggles to reach 0F. The advance forecast for the Mora Vasaloppet (40 km race) this Saturday calls for about -10F at the start. I wish I could fluff out my feathers like the birds. Stay tuned!

Y3-M02-Common-Redpoll-2 Y3-M02-Common-Redpoll-1 Y3-M02-Slate-Colored-Junco

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