Arctic Aurora!

My wife and I are in Norway, north of the Arctic Circle. We took the Norwegian ferry system up the coast, and last night we hit the jackpot in a mountain pass between two fjords. Everywhere else was cloudy, but the elevation got us away from the Gulf Stream which tends to manufacture clouds in the Arctic.

I call the first photo, Stairway to Heaven! Only a ten second exposure at ISO 800 (f 2.8). The show was amazing. For 45 minutes till the clouds rolled in these rays would start at the tops of various mountains, and then grow to the Zenith and beyond.

For those of you who understand Aurora Borealis conditions, I have also included a screenshot of Ovation Aurora and what the Northern Lights conditions were like when we got back to our hotel. The Kp index was running between 7 and 8!!!

Finally, Molly has published a review of our Hurtigruten Ferry/Cruise experience. If you ever wish to see the Norwegian Coast in winter it’s worth a read.


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