X-89 Alien Planet Buster Aurora Borealis Attack

Alien invaders attacked Mother Earth last night. Using their X-89 planet buster ray gun, the aliens blasted the mountain top upon which Molly and Rich had just been standing. The loving couple from northeast Minnesota barely escaped with their lives down a remote road along a fjord in Norway north of the Arctic Circle.


The road was now too dangerous, and the two scared humans tried hiking up away from the road to reach a mountain pass and hoped for safety. The aliens took another shot at the same mountain as before. Rich and Molly thought, perhaps they were were safe?


Oh my, no … just before they reached the pass, the invaders blew it to smithereens, their hoped for safe haven was now an eruption of green pulsating rays.


With no other option, Molly and Rich turned around and started to retrace their path down the mountain through the deep snow, which is when the worst attack occurred … The Circle of Fire! Yes, the aliens stopped targeting specific locations, and used their planet buster X-Y341 weapon which lights the sky on fire, burning up oxygen in swirling bars of fire. Good bye planet earth, we only hope this blog post can be finished and warn …. (transmission interrupted, web connection lost).


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