The Michipicoten Opens the Duluth Shipping Season at 4 am!

Today is my 60th birthday, and the Michipicoten honored me with her presence shortly before 4 am as this ore boat became the first ship to arrive in the Duluth / Superior Harbor to start the 2016 shipping season. Normally I would not attempt such “long distance” photographs in the middle of the night, but the full moon gave me hope that the extra light would allow me to “stop action” of the Michipicoten while still keeping my ISO to a reasonable level.

More photos, including my dramatic 60th birthday sunrise and of course … some birds, will be added to this blog post throughout the day.

The Michipicoten steams into the Duluth Harbor!

Michipicoten-Duluth-Aerial-Bridge-02 Michipicoten-Duluth-Aerial-Bridge-04a Michipicoten-Duluth-Aerial-Bridge-04b Michipicoten-Duluth-Aerial-Bridge-06a


Sunrise at Lester River on Lake Superior
Lester-River-Birthday-Sunrise-1 Lester-River-Birthday-Sunrise-3


Decided to featured the often “not-respected” ring billed gull!
Y3-M03-Ring-Billed-Gull-3 Y3-M03-Ring-Billed-Gull-2 Y3-M03-Ring-Billed-Gull-1


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