Outbound / Inbound!

Last night I photographed the Michipicoten as she steamed into the Duluth Harbor under the High Bridge. When I work up at 5 am this morning, I said: “Self, doesn’t an ore boat take about ten hours to load with taconite pellets?” Realizing the answer was yes I rushed down to the Duluth Waterfront and caught the Michipicoten as she sailed out of Duluth at sunrise!

Wait! Isn’t this a birding blog? Realizing I was already down at the waterfront I drove upstream along the St. Louis River to a parking spot which would allow me to hike the Western Waterfront Trail. Although the weatherman had promised us southerly winds today, Lake Superior had other ideas. Winds out of the Northeast meant no new arrivals in terms of the bird migration. All was not lost, the birds that are here are still pretty cool. Thus, I bring you the pride of the Western Waterfront Trail! (hint … the Michipicoten was Outbound, while the birds are Inbound from the South)

Looking for Love … Red-Winged Blackbird


An Uncommon Common Redpoll
Y3-M03-Amity-Creek-Common-Redpoll-Invasion-1 Y3-M03-Amity-Creek-Common-Redpoll-Invasion-3


The Outbound Michipicoten

Steaming Under the High Bridge | Making the Big Turn | Leaving Canal Park
Michipicoten-Outbound-Duluth-High-Bridge-Blue-Hour-3 Michipicoten-Outbound-Duluth-High-Bridge-Pre-Dawn-1 Michipicoten-Outbound-Duluth-Sunrise-Canal-Park-4

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