Lake Superior App … Now on iTunes & Google Play

Readers of this blog should know by now I love Lake Superior, my home region. Using my software background I have developed free apps which help folks enjoy birding in the Northland (Minnesota Birding News App) and my home town of Duluth (Duluth MN App). Today I am proud to announce a new app, Lake Superior. As with my prior apps, the Lake Superior App is free and has no in app advertisements. It is my gift to you! I have posted some screenshots from the app below, but users will be able to enjoy frequently undated images from some of the regions top photographers, information of birding, cycling and enjoying the waterfalls of the region, and much, much more! Download and try it out … available for both Apple and Android Mobile Devices (smartphones and tablets):

Android Tablet Screenshot … Lake Superior App


Android Smartphone Screenshots … Lake Superior App
50p-Screenshot_2016-04-01-10-31-17 50p-Screenshot_2016-04-01-10-31-37

2 thoughts on “Lake Superior App … Now on iTunes & Google Play

  1. Downloading now and look forward to experiencing the are by app. I hope to one day make it up your way Richard as I become more and more intrigued with Minnesota after reading every blog post. Have a great weekend and an eventful spring season.

    1. Thanks for the download & comments. Although definitely biased, a trip to northern Minnesota and Lake Superior would be well worth the effot. I personally would visit after Labor Day during the first couple weeks of September. However, as one goes later into September reservations at any motel along the North Shore of Lake Superior is a MUST for any weekend day. The folks from down in the Twin Cities invade the Northland!

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