Fox Sparrows Going North!

I went birding in the Bog today. Nothing! The strong NW wind kept birds deep in the cover, but when I got home I was treated to a nice sized flock of Fox Sparrows using my yard as a layover on their way up to northern Canada. My home is right across the street from a stream, and heavily wooded, which is appreciated by the birds. In addition, although the Fox Sparrows and Slate Colored Juncos (relating and flocking together) do not use my feeders, I believe they are attracted by all the “feeder birds”. One of the feeder birds did attract my attention. I have also included one photograph of a particular Common Redpoll which has been around for a few days. I am trying to decide if it is slightly leucistic (around the eyes). Finally … one very wierd looking mallard I found yesterday at the Forest Hill Pond in Duluth.

Fox Sparrow


Slate-Colored Junco


Common Redpoll (leucistic around the eyes and head?)


Off Color Mallard in a Snow Squall
Y3-M04-Mallard-Off-Color-Duck-Pond-3 Y3-M04-Mallard-Off-Color-Duck-Pond-4

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