Chasing the Aurora!

NorthStar Lake Green Glow!

Two nights ago I decided to chase the Aurora! Given the Duluth area was socked in with clouds, and the weather forecast seemed to indicate it would remain in that state all night long, at 8:15 pm I drove northwest. After a few stops at vistas which were also socked in with clouds, I arrived at my small northwoods cabin around 11:00 pm. Shortly before midnight, I took this “selfie”.

The cabin was 32F when I arrived, and by starting up a roaring fire I managed to bump the temperature up to the mid 40’s. I spent the night stretched out on the couch in front of the fireplace with an alarm set to insure I checked the Aurora conditions every 45 minutes. I feel lucky to live in northern Minnesota!

My Selfie! (standing on the ice … moon shadows)


The Cabin in Warmer Weather!

4 thoughts on “Chasing the Aurora!

  1. Your pictures are amazing! I have been wanting to see the Northern Lights for years now. Any recommendations on where to go and when to go? I live in Chicago. Thanks! Love your blog!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. From the Chicago area I would choose to make the drive to Marquette on Lake Superior in the U.P. It is the closest location with lots of viewing areas and nice dark skies. However before making the 6+ hour drive I would insure we are in a major Aurora watch with forecast cloud free skies and little moonshine. The Facebook Group Great Lakes Aurora Hunters has many folks who participate from the Marquette area. A question or two in the forum/group asking for more details on the area would be welcome. Given I live in Duluth, I do not know location specifics for the U.P.

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