Lake Superior Moonset!

Not many people can say when they arrive back at their house at 9:15 am that they’ve already been out for 4 hours! However, such was the case for me, and my morning. Awakening shortly before 5 am I realized there would be a beautiful moonset down at Canal Park. I jumped quickly out of bed, threw on some clothes, grabbed a Diet Coke and I was off a few minutes after 5 am. These three images were the result! In addition, it was fun to talk with the early morning fishermen on the South Pier. The smelt are running along Park Point, and with it the larger salmon and lake trout … which brings out both the fishermen and diving birds.

After Canal Park I drove north to the Rossini Road Wilderness. The clear skies and good light deserted me, but I still had fun watching all the ducks, increasing amount of shorebirds and one river otter … everyone was intent on catching breakfast. These two stops took me the noted four hours … back at home by 9:15 am for a late breakfast!

Moonset at Canal Park in Duluth Minnesota (Aerial Bridge)
Aerial-Bridge-Moonset-3 Aerial-Bridge-Moonset-2 Aerial-Bridge-Moonset-1


Rossini Road Bufflehead

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