Mother’s Day Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights Display!

The sky danced in honor of Mother’s Day early this morning. Just shows you Moms are truly special!

Shortly after midnight I hiked down into the Knife River Ravine. This trail is about 15 miles north of Duluth, and then inland from Lake Superior. I was standing in the river around 12:30 am when I took this photo, and thankfully had thought ahead and brought tall waterproof muck boots. This was just “after” the sky had really started to explode! The lights were shimmering and dancing all the way up to the Zenith. The second image was taken a few moments earlier than the first photograph when the color was “greener”.

Camera settings: 1,600 ISO, 4.0 second exposure, 2.0 aperture using a Rokinon wide angle lens on a Sony NEX-5T mirrorless camera.

Mother’s Day 2016 Aurora Borealis Display … Knife River, Northern Minnesota
Mothers-Day-Knife-River-Northern-Lights-3b Mothers-Day-Knife-River-Northern-Lights-2b

One thought on “Mother’s Day Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights Display!

  1. Thank you for these beautiful photos, my belated Mother’s Day gift to myself! I’m originally from Minn., but it’s been about five years since I’ve been at the Shore.

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