Black and White Highlander

Continuing my bicycle journey as the Scottish John James Audubon, as I discover new birds (at least for me) Molly and I create names for our feathered friends. Thus, while starting out cycling in The Highlands a few mornings ago, the famous Black and White Highlander bird was spied.

After discovering this bird we rode down out of the Highlands to the port of Ullapool. Thankfully we arrived for our ferry to the Outer Hebrides before the rain began. We had wanted to catch the evening ferry because the advance forecast was for very strong winds. The combination of those winds, and ferry rides are never good news for Molly. As it turns out, our caution was well founded as now that we are on the Outer Hebrides Islands, the winds are screaming down out of the North in excess of 30 mph. The forecast actually noted gusts above 50 mph.

You may access our trip diary via the Crazy Guy on Bike Portal. In addition to reading our trip diary, try clicking upon the “Journal Link” in the top menu bar. You will access folks journaling about bike trips all over the world.

I am also am including another photograph of the Funky Petite Penguin. In addition I am issueing a challenge to my readers … be the first to comment with the real ID of the Black and White Highlander!

Finally, Molly and I stayed at an amazing hostel last night on the west coast of one of the Outer Hebrides Islands. See the photographs, but our lodging was in a beautifully restored 150 year old blackhouse village. The view out to sea was not bad either! Cheers.

Edited after returning home … real bird names added: Pied Wagtail and Oystercatcher

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5 thoughts on “Black and White Highlander

    1. I do believe you get the brownie points! No birds today … just driving rain and HUGE winds. Ugly.

  1. It is a Black and white wagtail. I have the opportunity to see one myself in Ireland. Yet another beautiful bird.

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