Caledonian Rust Throated Canary

And the John James Audubon cycling tour through Scotland continues. Today’s new bird was found when beautiful song attracted my eyes to a nearby treetop. Amazingly, singing just before supper I found the Caledonian Rust-Throated Canary. Given spring is making itself obvious on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides, this bird was obviously in search of mate! Same challenge as yesterday for my readers!

On the cycling side of the equation, we were thrilled to only deal with huge climbs and steady headwinds of 30 mph (much stronger gusts). To reach Harris from Lewis we had to climb a very tall mountain pass. When the headwinds for a short period blew across our route of travel, I was actually blown off the balance point of my bike. Thankfully, I was able to kick out of my pedals and avoid a fall. In addition, while trying to bike downhill at one point I decided to test the strength of the wind. Even though the downhill was reasonably steep, while trying to coast down the incline, the wind was able to blow me to a complete stop. I weigh 185 pounds; thus Isaac Newton was trying to help to no avail.

Photos: (edited after returning home … real bird names added)

  • Caledonian Rust-Throated Canary (European Robin)
  • 1/2 way up the mountain
  • Our route through this evening


2 thoughts on “Caledonian Rust Throated Canary

  1. That looks like the adorable English Robin that Ron and I saw in the Cotswolds. Feisty little bird, but what charming coloration.

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