Rush Hour Traffic!

Molly informs me that we climbed 3,200 feet in elevation while cycle touring in Scotland today (Garmin data). We have now biked over 500 miles on this trip. The hill climbing was tough today, but the rush hour traffic made the ride almost unbearable! 🙂

Photos: (edited after returning home … real bird names added)

  1. Molly avoiding rush hour traffic
  2. Molly dealing with all the cars along the Loch
  3. The local traffic cop, a “Whiskey Piper” (Common Sandpiper)
  4. Our end goal for the day, Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. Our lodging for the night is the pinkish colored building on the right, a SYHA Youth Hostel! We were please to discover upon check-in that the information card one must fill out actually had an age grouping older than the two of us … 70+ year old youths!

d13ss-molly-highway-sheep-01d14-loch-molly-1Scottish Whiskey Piperd14-tobermory-harbor

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