Caledonian Crested Quail

Molly and I got off early yesterday on our day’s bicycling. We were thrilled to have calm winds and crystal clear skies for our cycling. Better yet, after 120+ miles over the past few days conquering HUGE mountains that border the Scottish Lochs, we now were travelling through the more gentle land near the coast.

While biking through a farming area I suddenly spied the rare Caledonian Crested Quail! What luck for this Scottish John James Audubon (bird ID for today’s post … comment with your identification). The day turned out to be very “birdy”. Also found the “Long Tailed Limey” and the “Great Blue Striped Heron” (I actually know the ID for these two birds!).

It was a great cycling near and along the Atlantic Coast. We are now 19 days and 733 miles into this bicycle tour. The trip diary may be found on the Crazy Guy on a Bike Portal. You should also read Molly’s impressions via her blog, Superior Footprints.

Photos: (edited after returning home … real bird names added)

  • Caledonian Crested Quail (Northern Lapwing)
  • Great Blue Striped Heron (Gray Heron)
  • Long Tailed Limey (Ring Necked Pheasant)
  • My Bike Enjoying the View on the Scottish Coast
  • Our Route Map Through 19 Days of Touring

Caledonian-Crested-Quail_wmGreat-Blue-Striped-Heron_wm1 Pheasant Drake 1_wmd19ps-bike-cliffs-vista_wmd19-cullen-route-map

One thought on “Caledonian Crested Quail

  1. Northern Lapwing (a type of plover)
    Grey Heron
    Ring-necked Pheasant (introduced, looks like the same origin as Minnesota’s)

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