Blue on Blue looking out over Blue!

Hawk Ridge was an explosion of color this morning! Arrived around 6 am … not a cloud in the sky and a light breeze. One could gaze out over Lake Superior in her majesty. The wild roses are starting to bloom in addition to all the other flowering bushes, etc. Warblers and other birds were a plenty. Just a great morning to be alive. After birding Hawk Ridge for 90 minutes, I then took a 16 mile bike ride up the shore on Scenic 61. Life is good!

I call the first image … Blue on Blue looking out over Blue (i.e. An Indigo Bunting Against a Perfect Blue Sky while looking out over Lake Superior)! Most of the Indigo Buntings I saw were below Skyline Drive.

The Chestnut-Sided Warbler agreed with my opinion about the fantastic morning as it sang out in song! The American Goldfinch decided to also get in on the act (third image).

Y3-M06-Hawk-Ridge-Indigo-Bunting-Blue-on-Blue Y3-M06-Hawk-Ridge-Chestnut-Sided-Warbler-5-Singing Y3-M06-Hawk-Ridge-American-Goldfinch

One thought on “Blue on Blue looking out over Blue!

  1. Good morning Richard, I am glad to see you have not missed a beat once returning home. Keep enjoying the beautiful spring migration and I will keep enjoy the updates and pictures.

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