Sing Out for Summer … Part 3 (Bobolink Bonanza)

I spent some quality time this morning with the Bobolinks of Sax Zim Bog. The farm at the corner of Arkola and Overton is my favorite spots to watch some Bobolink courting! I arrived around 6:40 am, but the males really didn’t start romancing till around 7:15 am. One item I like about this  particular location is it allows one to watch the Bobolinks on fence posts, and this one pine tree with light behind you.

The Bobolinks of Sax-Zim Bog
Y3-M06-Sax-Zim-Bog-Bobolink-04-PineTree Y3-M06-Sax-Zim-Bog-Bobolink-01-Grass Y3-M06-Sax-Zim-Bog-Bobolink-06-PineTree Y3-M06-Sax-Zim-Bog-Bobolink-10-PineTree

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