Sing Out for Summer … Part 4 (American Redstart)

Another day, another warbler! Today I spent some time over at Hartley Nature Center. The small stream that is below the dam is a favorite for warblers (the thicket of trees immediately below the dam, and continuing for about 100 yards). Found this female Redstart and her mate, but only catch the female on my camera. At one point the male landed 10 inches from my head, and hung on the branch for about 5 seconds!

I also enjoyed this male Common Yellowthroat. These birds are often so deep in the heavy grass surrounding streams and swamps one never gets to see them, but you also “hear” them!

American Redstart (female) Sing Out for Summer!
Y3-M06-Hartley-Nature-Center-American-Redstart-Female-2 Y3-M06-Hartley-Nature-Center-American-Redstart-Female-3 Y3-M06-Hartley-Nature-Center-American-Redstart-Female-1


Common Yellowthroat (male)
Y3-M06-Hartley-Nature-Center-Common-Yellowthroat-1 Y3-M06-Hartley-Nature-Center-Common-Yellowthroat-2 Y3-M06-Hartley-Nature-Center-Common-Yellowthroat-3

2 thoughts on “Sing Out for Summer … Part 4 (American Redstart)

  1. If it was singing, it is a second year male! They don’t get the bold black and orange plumage until their third summer and females are even paler than the one pictured. I had the pleasure of working two summers on a nesting study of American Redstarts in north-central Alberta 20 years ago. I got to know them well and they hold a special place in my heart 🙂

    Nice shots!

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