And yet more Flicker kids! (Yellow-Shafted Flicker)

When it rains, it pours! I had never seen Yellow-Shafted Flicker chicks before this morning (my earlier post with video), and then while biking up the shore of Lake Superior from Duluth this afternoon, Jackpot!!! Found another nest (heard the chicks first). I always carry my Canon SX60 Super Zoom camera and monopod with me on my bicycle rides. Glad I did today, and this was the result!
Y3-M06-Scenic-61-Yellow-Shafted-Flicker-Chicks-1b Y3-M06-Scenic-61-Yellow-Shafted-Flicker-Chicks-2 Y3-M06-Scenic-61-Yellow-Shafted-Flicker-Chicks-3b

One thought on “And yet more Flicker kids! (Yellow-Shafted Flicker)

  1. Wonderful Flicker views! We are enjoying watching robin mothers teach their young to eat the grape jelly at the oriole feeders. HA! They devour it.

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