Copper Country Cycling!

Molly and I have been experiencing withdrawal symptoms from  cycle touring since getting home from biking 850 miles in Scotland this past May. Thus, we convinced two friends to bike 125 miles over the past two days in Copper Country (Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan). Thanks to Jon and Beth for putting up with us!

The Upper Peninsula is remote. Quite frankly it is an area of the United States that 99% of Americans will never visit! This is exactly the reason it is perfect for cycling! In addition, we got extremely lucky and were just north of an extreme weather system that dumped 9 inches of rain in 24 hours just to our south. On our drive home to Duluth, we have to detour 100 extra miles to avoid road wash outs.

Upon arriving home I visited the mouth of the Lester River. My Kingfisher couple is getting ready to raise another brood. I assume the chicks will fledge in early August. In the meantime the Kingfishers are very busy fishing the mouth of the river up to the railroad bridge.

Molly and I dipping our back tires in an Upper Peninsula Lake

Lake Superior … a remote spot we found to rest for a few minutes

Cycling in Copper Country

Our Route over the past two days (Houghton – Copper Harbor – Houghton)

One of my Kingfisher friends …

3 thoughts on “Copper Country Cycling!

  1. I have visited the Keewenaw Peninsula several times. My dad’s Army buddy lived in South Range and had a cottage on Chassel Bay where we stayed. My favorite place was Fort Wilkens on Lake Fannie Hooe. What a magical place. Love the Keewenaw. You brought back so many fond memories.

  2. I too have visited the Keweenaw Peninsula many times. Love the place. In fact I lived in Chassell for 20 years before moving here to Duluth. I came upon your blog via my granddaughter who has recently sent you an email about an old postcard of your parents she found. I am very interested in more information about the Kingfisher you see at Lester River. I live at the end of Lester River on Roberg with my daughter and her family and would love to meet up with you if possible to see this bird.

    1. Just sent an email to your granddaughter. She sounds like a very special young woman! Would be proud and honored to take the two of you birding. When the kingfishers fledge, I will be certain to let you know. I often bike right by your home. Now that I am retired I am able to do lots of bike riding. Molly (my wife) and I have taken many long distance bike tours (1,500+ miles). If interested, here are our bike tours …

      In addition, my wife in her retirement is a writer, and is often featured in Lake Superior Magazine. Here is here blog …

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