Ten Hours of Lake Superior

The full moon rose over Lake Superior yesterday evening just before sunset. Practicing my best lazy boy photography methods, even though I had researched many great places to photograph the full moon rising over Gitche Gumee within various 45 minute drives, I decided to just pop down to the shore of the big lake which is 800 yards from my house. This started nine hours of photography on Lake Superior! I found the Lesser Yellowlegs from their southern migration at 6:15 am which ended my ten hours!

The freighter, American Century, steams under the full moon ...

Morning Mergansers (sunrise at Stoney Point)

Lesser Yellowlegs on Minnesota Point (forms the Duluth / Superior harbor)
Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-Lesser-Yellowlegs-1 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-Lesser-Yellowlegs-2 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-Lesser-Yellowlegs-3 Y3-M07-Park-Point-Rec-Area-Lesser-Yellowlegs-6-pair

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  1. You truly enjoy life and the beauties of our Creator, Richard. Here is to many more magical days and nights☀️?

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