Thunder Boomer Power Outage! (4 days)

And on day #4, at 12:09 pm power returned to the Northland! Early Thursday morning about 3:30 am the mother of all thunderstorms screamed across northern Minnesota. Winds were clocked at 103 mph, and the lightning storm was intense. In fact, while racing around the house to close windows the brightness and frequency of the lightning strikes hurt my eyes. Thus began a lesson in living off the grid. Trees took down power lines and trees all over the region. A neighbors house was actually speared by a 2 foot diameter tree. One may still see the tree embedded in their house. It entered through the roof where it sticks out up above, and impaled its way through their home to also stick our the side of their home.

Here are some photos I took during the storm. In addition, you wish to read about this incredible tale of seamanship. The captain of a Canadian freighter, the Algoma Guardian which is a 729 foot long ship, was entering the Duluth harbor. While just outside the entrance to our harbor, all was dead calm, and then the storm struck with its 100+ mph winds. The article from the Duluth News Tribune actually has a webcam video which show the ship entering our harbor during the storm.

The general scene looking down my road from our driveway. Note the powerline on the ground. It would be 4+ days before we were back on the grid. The destruction does make one wonder how birds are able to survive such a storm. I’m sure many did not live through the event.

Other views of my road. The destruction in the opposite direction was similar, and given that direction leads into a non populated forested area, the way shown in the photographs is the only possible way out.
Power-Outage-2 Power-Outage-3

The city work crew arrives at my home about 18 hours post storm. I may not have power at this point, but at least it is now possible to leave our home. I had spent the previous six hours clearing trees such that I could get out of my driveway to the street.


3 thoughts on “Thunder Boomer Power Outage! (4 days)

  1. Glad you all are okay. Mother Nature is a powerful force that can change our lives of luxury with little warning. The beauty becomes a dark, unpredictable place that shifts our sense of security to that of uncertainty, but passes, often as fast as it started, into the world we recognize, although often changed forever. ☀️????⚡️⚡️⛈⚡️??⛅️⛅️☀️??

  2. We drove through Duluth on Tuesday (July 26) and I was amazed to see all the brushpiles and downed trees still awaiting pickup. That was one heckuva storm. Let’s hope Mother Nature’s pyrotechnics are done for you guys this year!

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