Power Outage Birding

After four days w/o power, electricity finally returned yesterday to the Northland … including the heavens! Last night, although not a major dance by the Northern Lights, I captured my first even meteor in combination with the Aurora Borealis! The rest of my images were taken over the past few days. Even though we were without power, a true wildlife photographer finds the ability through strategic coffee shop visits to keep camera batteries charged.  🙂

Boulder Lake Aurora Borealis & Meteor!

Meadow Lark Chicks & Wildflowers
Y3-M07-Power-Outage-Cloverland-Meadowlark-1-roadside Y3-M07-Power-Outage-Cloverland-Meadowlark-3-singing-wildflowers Y3-M07-Power-Outage-Cloverland-Meadowlark-5-wetlands-wildflowers

Red-Headed Woodpecker
Y3-M07-Power-Outage-Cloverland-Red-Headed-Woodpecker-08 Y3-M07-Power-Outage-Cloverland-Red-Headed-Woodpecker-02

Shorebirds on Park Point (Least Sandpipers & Lesser Yellowlegs)
Y3-M07-Power-Outage-Shorebird-Least-Sandpiper Y3-M07-Power-Outage-Shorebird-Least-Sandpiper-Lesser-Yellowlegs

Eastern Kingbird

3 thoughts on “Power Outage Birding

    1. I agree that the smaller shorebirds are “Least Sandpipers” (thanks), but I still think the larger bird in the background (2nd photo) is a Lesser Yellowlegs, but I am by no means certain.

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