Wedding Bird Lifer! The Green Heron!

Three hours of hiking narrow trails through the woods, climbing over logs, pushing my way through undergrowth to get a decent vantage point of logs against the shore of some wetlands … and the end result is I found a new bird, a lifer for me … the Green Heron!

Although green herons occasionally visit the Duluth area, they really stay further south. Thus, given I am down in the Twin Cities for Erik (my youngest son) and Katie’s wedding, I took some time to go birding this morning. I may have to try again early tomorrow morning when there should be better light (dark clouds this morning). I think I now understand some good fishing perches the herons utilize. We shall see.

Lifer! The Green Heron!
Y3-M07-Plymouth-Wetlands-Green-Heron-3 Y3-M07-Plymouth-Wetlands-Green-Heron-4 Y3-M07-Plymouth-Wetlands-Green-Heron-1

Hanging Out on the Log (Great Blue Heron and Wood Ducks)

Eastern Phoebe Kids Waiting for Food!

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