Unknown Birds!

Over the past few weeks, the combination of the HUGE storm (100+ mph winds while losing power for 4+ days), my son’s wedding, and now getting our town home down in the Plymouth area of Minnesota has severely limited time out in the woods. Yesterday I finally got back out in the countryside day with my camera. I started the day at the end of Park Point, drove over to Cloverland, Wisconsin, and ended my birding in my own garden while barbecuing some steaks (and sipping some white wine).

Why “Unknown Birds”? Take a look at my first two images. Hawks are often hard to identify, particularly with lots of immature birds now around. Sandpipers just give me issues. I have problems with the sometimes subtle differences between sandpipers.

Post Update: My thanks to commenter, Adam Roesch, who helped me with the ID. The hawk is an immature red-tailed hawk, and the sandpiper is a buff breasted sandpiper!

Unknown Hawk (actually posted this photograph on an online forum … this bird was identified as an immature northern goshawk, an immature red tailed hawk, and a female northern harrier … take your pick!)

Unknown Sandpiper

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird in my Garden (I see you!)

Hummingbird Moth

I also saw my friend the Red-Headed Woodpecker over at Cloverland, and some Sandhill Cranes which were “Dancing at Dawn” (actually … more like walking)!
Y3-M08-Cloverland-Red-Headed-Woodpecker Y3-M08-Cloverland-Dawn-Dance-Sandhill-Cranes

Finally, the promised Milky Way image from my night out photographing the Northern Lights.

2 thoughts on “Unknown Birds!

  1. Unknown Hawk is an Immature Red-tailed Hawk. The white scapulars showing is Immature Gos would have thick bands on tail feathers and a significantly longer tail relative to the wingtips. Harriers don’t really look like that, they have facial discs so they look half-owl.

    Unknown Sandpiper is a Buff-breasted. Very distinct face and posture.

  2. Thanks Adam! When I have access to my computer (not my tablet) I will note that in the blg post while giving you credit!

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