Tall Ship Meets Duck!

The age old question for ancient mariners … who has the right of way when meeting? A sailing ship or a duck? A US Coast Guard Cutter was called in to solve this dispute!

Found this migrating duck in an unusual position today!  🙂

We are celebrating the TallShipsDuluth festival. Even though the viking longship Drakken Harald did not make it to Duluth (bummer), we did get the duck! I actually found some fellow photographers reserving spots down on the canal at 5 am when I arrived to take some photos before sunrise.

Duck Meets Tall Ships
Tall-Ships-Parade-4-Duck Tall-Ships-Parade-3-Duck


Earlier in the Morning … American Century departs the Duluth Harbor an hour before sunrise, and then looking out towards dawn (20 minutes prior to sunrise)
Tall-Ships-American-Century-Departing-Aerial-Bridge Tall-Ships-Sunrise

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