Kayaking Under the Aurora Borealis!

I could have named this post … The Northern Lights and the Same Time Next Year Gang, but I chose kayaking instead. The Labor Day 2016 holiday weekend finds friends and family gathering for our 27th annual gathering at our small Northwoods cabin. This year is already the year of the Aurora … with two great nights of watching dancing lights in the heavens. NOAA is now predicting an Aurora Watch for tonight (was not predicted the past two nights). Does this mean a ThreePeat?!

Molly and I arrived on Thursday and enjoyed a great display the first night, but yesterday evening was special as we shared the experience with 3 generations of Hoegs. We had folks from age 1 to 61 down on the dock watching the dance. Life is good!

I will admit to sheer fatigue. I have been staying out to the wee hours of the morning with my camera, and then getting up before the grandkids by 7 am. When you combine this with a daily bicycle ride the body is beginning to demand more sleep!

Kayaking Under the Northern Lights

3 Generations of Hoegs watch Pillars in the Sky

Smith Lake Aurora Borealis

Suomi Lutheran Church … a humbling and peaceful experience

6 thoughts on “Kayaking Under the Aurora Borealis!

  1. When I was thirteen years old, two of my friends and I, happened to be fortunate to be out late one night and saw the most miraculous night sky. We were so amazed we called the local radio station to report the night sky and to tell their listeners to go outside and view this most vivid swirling of colors in the night sky. We laid in the grass outside our house for hours oohing and awing over this wondrous sky. It was better than any fireworks display could ever dream of being. It was pink, purple, red, orange, blue and green colors in the night sky swirling around each other and it just kept on swirling. I guess we were very lucky to be outside and caught that wondrous sight. I just want to know what it was? And is there any one out there that has seen what I described . And is there anyway to know if that type of sky will be repeated. I don’t want any hecklers, disbelievers contacting me. Was this a once in a lifetime observance?

    1. The experience you had can definitely be repeateded. Purchase the app noted on my Northern Lights page of this blog. It will alert you when similar conditions arise. As a fyi … I receive no money via the app … just use it myself.

  2. Some of these pictures have some of the colors my friends and I observed but, these pictures are so far away and that is not what we saw, what we witnessed was right above us in the night sky. Swirling colors in the night sky….

    1. Dawn:

      Assuming you were somewhere up north I totally believe your experience. I have personally seen the entire sky filled with the Aurora in northern Minnesota.

  3. What an eye for the perfect pic of the Suomi Lutheran Church at night – even the many stars are so detailed! Thanks for sharing!

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