Marcell Magpie Morning

Was amazed this morning to find a flock of 12 magpies near Marcell, Minnesota. Although there are a few farms a couple miles to the west, this area is noted for being Boreal Forest. As the wind has been out of the south for the past few days, it is unlikely this flock was blown off course while migrating. Last Fall I saw one magpie in the same area while hiking the woods. Thus, I am wondering if these are local birds which are extending their range.

I did submit an eBird report. Although I don’t submit eBird lists often, here are my reports.

Y3-M09-Marcel-Magpies-4A Y3-M09-Marcel-Magpies-2 Y3-M09-Marcel-Magpies-1Molly and I also had some fun biking to the Lost 40 … this area has 300 to 400 year old white and red pines, and was only saved from being logged early in the 1900’s due to a surveying error.

3 thoughts on “Marcell Magpie Morning

  1. Hello there, I came across your website while shopping for my husband’s Christmas present. I read your Amazon review for the Canon SX60 and am wondering how it’s worked out for you over the years? My husband works at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (the one taken over my militants earlier this year) and he is frustrated with only having his iPhone available to take bird/Wildlife/landscape photos. Any DSLR setup with a long enough lens would be too clunky for him to carry around all day…so I was thinking this might be the best option, what do you think? Thanks for the great review and posting your website link, I appreciate it!

    1. Christina: Good that the government is back in charge at the refuge. I actually have an extensive, detailed review of the Canon Sx-60 on my blog. Thus, rather than repeat everything in this response, here is the link.

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