Shorebird Cycling Send Off!

Tomorrow Molly and I leave on the Liberation Tour, a 1,200 to 1,400 self-support bicycle tour. Hopefully as we bike the northern Great Lakes in addition to some great scenery we will also find a few migrating birds. Hope to stop by Whitefish Point on the eastern end of Lake Superior. Here is our planned route:


If you wish to follow our bike tour, in addition to this blog, my wife will be blogging about our experiences. In Molly’s case, she is actually a professional writer, often featured in Lake Superior Magazine. In other words, she writes better than me! In addition, I will be updating a bike diary on the portal, Crazy Guy of a Bike.

This morning was my last chance for some local birding. The Park Point Recreation Fields were busy with migrating birds, particularly shorebirds. Had a nice chat with Tom Samuelson who was up from the Twin Cities. Check out his images, including the Merlin. His pics are definitely better than mine!

In addition to Tom, a Duluth friend and professional photographer was also standing next to me. He took some FANTASTIC photographs of the Merlin attack. It’s worth checking out Mike’s Facebook page (no FB account required) or his own web site. Mike shows me quality to strive for in my images. I’ve also included his web site:

And now on to my images … perhaps I’ll need to upgrade my camera and lens one of these days?!

Semi-Palmated Plover

Merlin Kills Sandpiper

Short Billed Dowitcher

American Golden Plover

American Widgeon


4 thoughts on “Shorebird Cycling Send Off!

  1. Looks like you will be in my neck of the woods when you cross into the UP of Michigan and ride along the eastern part. I actually grew up in Barbeau, which I expect you will be near. I am in Barbeau right now but I am leaving in the morning to head back to Duluth. You are picking a great time to see the color in the Eastern UP. It is starting to change, but I am not sure it will be at peak when you are there. I also know Whitefish Point. My husband grew up in the Paradise area.. Safe Travels

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