The 1,000 Mile Kingfisher on the 7th day, God said let there be light! Well, that isn’t actually how it is written in the Bible, but after six straight days with rain, we were thrilled this Sunday morning to wake up and see SUN!!!

I actually found this Belted Kingfisher on a lake in central Michigan a few minutes before sunrise this morning. The lake where Molly and I had spent the night did not have classic habitat for this fishing kind of bird. Thus, what’s a migrating kingfisher supposed to do? Improvise! I watched this bird fly from pontoon boat canopy to canopy … where it set up for its morning hunts.l

As of this evening we are now over 1,000 miles into this self-supported bike tour. Tomorrow we reach Ludington, Michigan where we will take the Badger across Lake Michigan. It’s then on to Door County. Read my daily bike diary via this link.


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