Death at Dawn!

I drove down to the end of Park Point and arrived shortly before sunrise. A few minutes before dawn I noticed a Merlin catch a Slate Colored Junco. Photographic conditions were tough as the sun was still about 10 minutes from popping above the horizon …

y3-m10-park-point-recreation-area-sunrise-merlin-kill-1 y3-m10-park-point-recreation-area-sunrise-merlin-kill-2

Once the sun came up I noticed some American Golden Plovers out on the ball fields having breakfast. I was able to get closer than normal because the sun was right behind me (sunup). Note the sun reflected in the plovers eyes. They could not see me as I approached out of the sun!

y3-m10-park-point-recreation-area-sunrise-american-golden-plover-1 y3-m10-park-point-recreation-area-sunrise-american-golden-plover-2

While walking back to the car I saw a Red Fox in the distance. It took a while, but finally I managed to gain a location where I could watch “red” without spooking her. Twas neat to watch the fox do its morning grooming and occasionally play with some sticks.

y3-m10-park-point-recreation-area-sunrise-red-fox-1 y3-m10-park-point-recreation-area-sunrise-red-fox-3b y3-m10-park-point-recreation-area-sunrise-red-fox-4b y3-m10-park-point-recreation-area-sunrise-red-fox-6b y3-m10-park-point-recreation-area-sunrise-red-fox-7

Red Fox Video

One thought on “Death at Dawn!

  1. Hello Rich and Molly,
    It was nice meeting you and talking to you last Saturday at Crisp Point. I am very glad I made the trip out there, as it was the first time in over 20 years and I was greatly impressed with what a wonderful job the group has done to preserve the light and the grounds. I hope you were able to see the Northern Lights on Saturday night….by the time I had returned to Brimley, heavy cloud cover had set in and I was wondering what it was like out there at Crisp Point the remainder of the weekend. Good luck and perhaps we will meet again at the lighthouse.

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