Even though Hawk Ridge is “closed” for the year, some of the best raptor watching occurs in November. As in the past, I find that one finds quite a few Bald Eagles, Red-Tailed Hawks and Rough Legged Hawks migrating along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

I particularly like to bird the Two Harbors Expressway between Duluth and Stoney Point, Old Superior Street, and Scenic 61. The raptors tend to hunt 1 to 2 hours after sunrise, and for the same period before sunset.

This photo of a Bald Eagle was taken this morning on Scenic 61. As a fyi, I wateched this eagle for exactly six minutes with my finger poised on the shutter. It was not concerned about me, just about finding a late breakfast.

For a pic of a Red-Tailed Hawk which I found two days ago on the Expressway a bit before sunset, follow this link.

For you non northern Minnesota types, it is perfectly okay to pull over on the Expressway. Just pull way off the road (the shoulder is big) and bird from the grassy areas. Traffic now that all the leaf peepers have gone back home to the Twin Cities is not that bad!
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A image taken before the eagle took flight.

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