Old Vermilion Trail Birding & Skiing

Old Vermilion Trail is back in business! I had a delightful cross-country ski early this afternoon. The ski trailhead which I groom and maintain is right across the road from the bird feeders (2 miles in from Normana Rd). Rock skis are required as although the snow coverage is good, snow depth varies between 2 and 4 inches and you will occasionally bottom out during a kick (classic only). While driving home, and only a few miles from Old Vermilion Trail I found a huge flock of pine grosbeaks on Lizmore Road, and two Bald Eagles.

Finally, here is an image of my friend Greg. We traveled up into the Pagami Creek Forest Fire region yesterday. He is seen scanning Isabella Lake during one of our numerous hikes. It is quite unusual for a lakes to be ice free at this time of year.y3-m12-isabella-lake-pastor-greg

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