Sea Smoke Deep Freeze Birding on the Arctic Riviera!

The temperature fell to -7 last night with a HUGE wind to create dangerous windchills and Sea Smoke on Lake Superior. Thus, what’s a photographer to do? Enjoy the weather!

In my first image, the ore boat / freighter … the Great Lakes Trader arrives at Canal Park in Duluth this morning surrounded by Sea Smoke. After my Sea Smoke sunrise photo, I’ve included a pic taken a few moments later with seagulls. The birds are not scared by the freighter … rather the immense engines and propellers suck up and kill fish … free food for gulls to snatch out of the ship’s wake.

This image was my final photograph at Canal Park. I had to run with my gear to change my perspective and capture the ore boat showing the other lighthouse at Canal Park and the ice encrusted bow of the Great Lakes Trader.

This cold has finally driven some northern birds down to the Arctic Riviera. Pine Grosbeaks consider our northern Minnesota climate balmy compared to the northern Boreal forests in Canada. We are the southern Boreal forests! In addition, many northern eagles have now flown down to our area courtesy of strong northwest winds. Finally goldeneyes are making their winter home in the Duluth area now that Lake Superior is the only open water around.

4 thoughts on “Sea Smoke Deep Freeze Birding on the Arctic Riviera!

    1. Thanks, Robert! It was a cold day to be out and about. At the same time if one can escape the wind, 0F is not bad. Had a great cross-country skiing in the afternoon. Am already planning to set some tracks near the Welcome Center in Sax-Zim Bog, but I want the ice to be good and thick on the streams I will use for trails. Assuming I find good birds or mammals deep in the Bog, I will let folks know where my new ski trails are located. Winter may be cold, but it is cool!

  1. Will be looking forward to that information for sure. Give my regards to Sparky if you run into him at the welcome center… are still volunteering over there??



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